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About Brightway Coaching Centre

With a single minded focus Sanjay Mishra, owner and Chairman of Brightway Coaching Centre, start as a Teacher in 2014, and srt up the foundation of Brightway Coaching Centre.

BrightWay Coaching Centre Where knowledge is power. We provide quality learning through well chosen faculties who are experts in their fields. Students are assisted at each step of their learning process and success is only but natural.

It is hard not to boast when you have an office like ours


BrightWay Coaching Centre has been set up at the end of year 2014 regarding to innovate in education sector. Now and days parents are so worried about quality education, they spend their time and money both but all look in vain if they do not get improvement in their kids or students. We have observed under mentioned lot of things occur from current era in lacking of these elements which are fact in deed:-
1.) Discouraging
2.) Demotivating
3.) Disappointment
4.) Depressive etc.
BrightWay Coaching Centre believes that nothing is impossible if we are mentally strong and determined to do their homework and implement those things which are really required to make possible to impossible whatever we want to archive.

For over two decades, Brightway Coaching Center has pioneered the way with its proven experience in running award winning educational centres. Creating institutions of learning with an approach that focuses not only on academic excellence, but also helping students develop their character, creativity, values and spirit of leadership. All faculty members at Brightway Coaching Center are highly motivated and dedicated to provide quality education with a difference. At our Institute special arrangement have been made for generating confidence among the students who can visualize mechanical reasoning, special reasoning and numerical attitude to work with mathematics and understanding abstract concepts.

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